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When lil wayne first came out with the block is hot, most of the south was feeling him including me. Lil wayne been in the game for a while now. He just gotten better with time and is now one of the best rapper's in the south. Ain't taking nothing away from TI though. He was serious with this cd, even though the entire CD is freestyled. He still came hard with the punchlines and the metaphors. Some tight cuts on this cd include the intro; which is probably one of the hardest intro's ive heard anyone spit, go dj; good single, this is the carter, bm jr; the hardest song on this cd, i miss my dawgs; a song telling us how he feel about the former hot boys, only way, bring it back, ain't that a __, earthquake; which uses a good sample, and cash money millionaires. If you want some straight louisiana music, then cop this cd. Lilweezyana, that's the new planet. Peace!!!!!

Lil Wayne's lyrical skills are not what I thought they would be. Being from the south, particularly New Orleans, Louisiana, I thought he wouldn't be any better than Birdman or Soulja Slim...but he is! In fact, he's better. 

This album has few flaws, and is definitely worth purchasing. There are 3 hit singles off the album including "Go D.J.", produced by Mannie Fresh. In fact, basically the whole album is produced by Mannie Fresh but on the cover it says it's executively produced by Birdman and his brother, I think (they both have the same last name). 

But anyway, Lil Wayne is definitely not what I expected...his lyrical skills parallel those of Ludacris! He is definitely not the best rapper alive, but sure is the best in New Orleans. That I think.
Standout tracks:THIS IS THE CARTER, B.M.JR(the hardest song on here), I MISS MY DAWGS(dope even though you and I know that he is full of s***), ON MY OWN, BRING IT BACK, WHO WANNA, SNITCH, EARTHQUAKE, AINT THAT A B***H, WE DONT etc. Filler: Go dj(crappy beat sleep inducing lyrics), Cash money millionaires, Get down(SNORE!), Hoes(Screams filler) and Only way. Bottom Line: Lil wayne's fourth album stands out as his best album next to his second solid work Light Out. What makes this album better than The carter2 is that the production is (for most of the songs) is not bad and he doesnt sound like an up north emcee clone. He is just being himself on this one.
This cd is hot I have always been down with lil wayne and because of me my boyfriend is all on his D**K and took over my cd's. The intro and the outro are outstanding I don't think I ever heard lil wayne like this but I'm liking this a little more than my boyfriend lil wayne if I ever meet you in person it's on and poppin. But I know that will never happen! On the real cop this one it's not a disappointment but don't forget the carter.
After releasing his last album, "Lights Out" in 2002, Lil Wayne took a year off the solo scene by releasing another Hot Boys album, "Let Em Burn." Even though most of the album was recorded in the past years, that album sadly will probably be the last the group will ever release. Anyway Lil Wayne comes back on the scene in 2004 with his 4th solo album, "Tha Carter." 
Lil Wayne FIRES back so hard with this album. After his 3 previous records, this one is definitely the best so far! I don't know what he changed in his style but he definitely evolved into an amazing talent with this release. DEFINITELY check this out, it's an incredible album!
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